Solar Cooker

Solar Cooker

Let The Sun Rise In The Night

Use the power and energy of the sun, when it is shining, by using Solar Home Lighting Systems, Solar Lanterns, Solar street Lights, Solar Power Packs etc. A these equipments are powered by solar energy using solar cells that convert solar energy (sunlight) directly to electricity.

Houses, Bungalow, Flats, Farmhouses, Row – Houses
ETC Model

ETC Model

Evacuated Tube Collector – Model

Tube material

Special grade
Outer tube diameter 47mm
Inner tube diameter 37mm
Inner tube coating Selective Coating
Number of tubes 15 (100 LPD)
30 (200 LPD)
Storage Tank SS – 304 L
 Inner Tank  Epoxy Painted
Outer Cladding SS – 430
Support structure M.S. Satin Black
Electrical back-up 2 kW   


Houses, Bungalow, Row – Houses , Flats, Farmhouses,